Keeping up with my Computer Science fundamentals

C++, C#, OOP, and so much more!

I’ve been exposed and have used these languages and computer science concepts to varying degrees.

Since I’m still preoccupied with my last mechanical engineering undergraduate semester, I want to make heckin’ sure that I pass with all the classes that I need in order to graduate! 😤 (My senior design project is taking up the most of my time and attention right now)

But with that said… I miss working on big coding projects like what I’ve done with Zenga, Crystal Craft, stressing people out through dancing in VR, Drone Seamulator, Cheers!, and Nautical Notes.

So in order to keep my coding skills sharp and foundational knowledge fresh, I’ve been going back to my C++ Zybooks subscription (which I have mentioned in a previous post) and I have audited the CS50 Introduction to Computer Science on

I also found my beginning C++ game programming book!

Anyway, there’s no excuse for me to NOT be proficient in my computer science skills! If I can make time to scroll on my phone, I can definitely break that habit and do something more productive.

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