Cheers! [eJam 2020 Submission]

Cheers! is a first-person game where the player needs to give a toast to all the drinkers! Now that the game jam is over, I plan on working Cheers! throughout the summer.

What I did during this game jam:

  • Animated the player toasting animation
  • Guided teammate on how to use Unity UI elements
  • Coded a script in C# to animate the human NPCs
  • Incorporated sound effects via audio scripting in C#
  • Assisted in creating the player environment
  • Maintained communication between our team and our mentor
  • Built the game for PC and the web, and distributed Cheers! via
  • Had fun brainstorming the concept to give a toast to as many people as you can
Screenshot of Cheers! from the player perspective

This is the second game jam I have participated in. So far, this is my favorite game project because it was a lot of fun! I worked with my fellow San Diego State University schoolmates, Tony Nguyen and Christian (Cris) Borquez.

With the help of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA), we got paired with a cool mentor, Marco Williams! I appreciate the time he took to answer our questions about game development. Also, big thanks to the IGDA for organizing this event. And lastly, thank you to my mentor Kristina Blanco for sharing this game jam with me!

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