[9 XR Industry Tips] – Insightful Zoom Call Hosted by Joanna Popper, Global Head of Virtual Reality at HP

Last Friday, I stumbled upon Joanna Popper’s LinkedIn post that said she was hosting a VR industry group Zoom call in 3 hours. Now, I was feeling lazy on that day, and I thought I about forgoing it.

But I quickly changed my mind. There was nothing to lose and I figured, “Eh, why not?”

So I tuned in when the time came, and I’m glad I did. Although the call was focused on VR, many of the conversation topics applies to XR as a whole.

Here are the 9 insightful XR industry tips and advice that I found very useful:

1. “Why do you want to be in this space?”

This one’s a standard job question. But in this case, if you’re interested in XR, why do you want to be in the XR space? There’s a lot of roles that need to be filled in this industry, but which role do you want to take on?

2. “Why are you still the best bet?”

Another standard job question, but an important one. The purpose of this question is to make you think about what your strengths are and what you think makes you unique.

3. “Learn what other people don’t have access to right now”

When I heard this tip, my first thought was, “That’s kind of selfish.”

But as the call continued I realized what this statement actually meant was, “Learn what other people don’t have access to right now, and then share your knowledge.”

Sharing knowledge with the XR community helps build a great reputation, and grow your network.

4. “Know the limitations and advantages of certain platforms”

This is critical for any job, especially in burgeoning field like XR. Whether you’re working with a smartphone or a Oculus Quest, understand the strengths and weaknesses of each platform.

5. “Pay attention to who’s getting financing”

In other words, pay attention to which XR companies are getting financing. This can be done by, for example, reading reports from The Wall Street Journal.

Because chances are, the companies that are getting financing are the ones that are posting hiring opportunities.

6. “Know the product as well as you can”

This ties in with tip #5 on this list. Knowing what the company’s goal and their products is critical for any job.

But take it a step further.

Know the product as well as you can, and also offer your review and thoughts to improve it.

7. “What space is getting the most energy and focus?”

It’s important to know what’s gaining a lot of traction in the field, especially with a quickly evolving industry like XR.

This ties in with tip #5 because the more attention something is getting, they’re more likely to get financing.

8. What do you want out of this sector?

There is SO much going on in the XR field.

Whether you want to work on user interface, marketing, programming, hardware, and so on… I dislike saying “follow your passion” because passions are fickle.

But rather, what kind of work gets you excited and inspired? In addition, who can you reach out to to help you achieve this goal?

9. “What technology would I want or be willing to pay for, and how can I bring this technology into existence?”

This one requires some thinking out of the box. Not only is this self-reflective, but it also makes you look into what’s currently on the market and research who the major players are in the field. For example,


These are my notes and takeaways from the call. The recurring themes I see are:

  1. Self-reflect on what you can do to better the field
  2. Learn as much as you can about the field
  3. Help others by sharing what you have learned
  4. Grow your network

At the time that I write this…

Joanna Popper has written a LinkedIn article that summarizes what was covered in the group Zoom call! (link) Thank you to Joanna Popper, Steve Lukas, Mariana Acuña-Acosta, and the many others in the call that offered their insights!

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