June 2021 recap

This has been an interesting month! I was thinking about who I was last year (June 2020), and I gotta say: I’ve changed so much. I feel like I’ve become more mature and responsible. In addition to that, I feel more focused and motivated than ever before. Perhaps it’s because I finally found what I’m… Continue reading June 2021 recap

Undergrad Graduation 2021 Edition

Officially, I graduated in December 2020 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Cum Laude from San Diego State University 🎓 However, SDSU doesn’t do Fall commencements. And we had a pandemic which cancelled a lot things, so all normal in-person graduation commencements were put on hold anyway. Fortunately, SDSU decided to host a… Continue reading Undergrad Graduation 2021 Edition

1st semester as a grad student is done!

Holy moly, so much has happened to me as the Spring 2021 semester came to a close. Our Feminist Future(s) Hackathon “We want to call work what is work so that eventually we might rediscover what is love” – Silvia Federci I learned the above quote as I’m volunteering for the Our Feminist Future(s) hackathon.… Continue reading 1st semester as a grad student is done!

Estradiol Redemption!

I passed my mock assay today 😀 It went better compared to last week’s mock assay. I think rewriting all the steps in the checklist in my own words really helped me understand the protocol better! To be fair, I was supposed to rewrite all the steps before the first mock assay. More specifically, on… Continue reading Estradiol Redemption!

Estradiol Oopsies

Aww man. Yesterday, I performed my mock assay and I messed up my estradiol saliva assay. Here’s a list of all the things I did wrong 😭😅 Had too many air bubbles in my pipette I pipetted a saliva sample into a well that was supposed to be empty I didn’t fill up my estradiol… Continue reading Estradiol Oopsies

VR Devices/Interfaces with Dr. James Gehringer

I feel like “devices” doesn’t sound right. Because ultimately, we’re interfacing the software side (the VR application) with the user (in real life physical space). Anywayyyyy Last week, I had the pleasure of talking to Dr. James Gehringer from the University of Nebraska Medical Center. We talked about the VR applications that he does in… Continue reading VR Devices/Interfaces with Dr. James Gehringer

Usabilathon – Empathizing with user and other lessons learned

My first Usabilathon has come to end! It started last Friday (March 5) and lasted an entire week. My team and I used Axure RP 9 to create our prototype. I really like Axure, it was easy and fun to use. I also liked how collaborating Axure was similar to Git. Instead of pushing and… Continue reading Usabilathon – Empathizing with user and other lessons learned

Late grad pics, and surviving my first week as a PhD student

I don’t want to let January end without a single post, so here it is! I’m officially all done with my undergrad education hehe. As of December 31, 2021, I have graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at San Diego State University. And below are a few grad photos (thanks… Continue reading Late grad pics, and surviving my first week as a PhD student