July and August recap

Wowow these past 2 months have been BUSY.

To be honest, July was just me being busy with my internship alongside some remote work for grad school.

And August was pretty eventful too!

Finished summer internship!

August 6 concluded my position as Project Manager Coach and Project Lead for the Power of Neurogaming (PoNG) internship. I lead a team of talented neurodivergent individuals to design and develop a game to teach elementary school children about climate change. The game is called Habitat Heroes and it’s free on itch.io!

This internship was a unique opportunity where I applied my leadership and technical skills. But most importantly, I’m thankful to have had this opportunity to work with awesome people (shoutout to Ara Jung, Sarah Hacker, Khalil Jackson, Corly Huang, Nathan Miner, Aris Bricker, and Dr. Leanne Chukoskie!) and a fantastic team.

Below is the showcase video!

Super proud of my team and it was amazing to watch them grow throughout the 8 weeks.

Back to Ames Again!

I am back in Ames for grad school! It was nice being back home in SD, but I still gotta stay focused on my PhD.

Oh oh and I got the HCI Fellowship at Iowa State University!

As of the time that I’m typing this, I’m currently working on manuscript and my NSF GRFP 2022 application. I have an idea cooking up!!!!

Taco Chef Cartoon - Free image on Pixabay


I need to take care of some PhD stuff before/by the end of the semester (ex. forming my program of study committee [POSC] and coming up with a master plan of all the classes I will take)….

And I’m still in the process of narrowing down what I’m going to research. That means lots of reading 📚📚

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