[Solved] Password authentication failed for PgAdmin 4 and PostgreSQL

I’m following ODSC’s SQL repo and I came across the error below when trying to connect to a server in PgAdmin 4: When Googling a solution, one common problem is that the path isn’t set up properly (I’m using Windows). So I added the following to the Systems Variables: But that didn’t solve my problem.… Continue reading [Solved] Password authentication failed for PgAdmin 4 and PostgreSQL

July and August recap

Wowow these past 2 months have been BUSY. To be honest, July was just me being busy with my internship alongside some remote work for grad school. And August was pretty eventful too! Finished summer internship! August 6 concluded my position as Project Manager Coach and Project Lead for the Power of Neurogaming (PoNG) internship.… Continue reading July and August recap

June 2021 recap

This has been an interesting month! I was thinking about who I was last year (June 2020), and I gotta say: I’ve changed so much. I feel like I’ve become more mature and responsible. In addition to that, I feel more focused and motivated than ever before. Perhaps it’s because I finally found what I’m… Continue reading June 2021 recap

Undergrad Graduation 2021 Edition

Officially, I graduated in December 2020 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Cum Laude from San Diego State University 🎓 However, SDSU doesn’t do Fall commencements. And we had a pandemic which cancelled a lot things, so all normal in-person graduation commencements were put on hold anyway. Fortunately, SDSU decided to host a… Continue reading Undergrad Graduation 2021 Edition

1st semester as a grad student is done!

Holy moly, so much has happened to me as the Spring 2021 semester came to a close. Our Feminist Future(s) Hackathon “We want to call work what is work so that eventually we might rediscover what is love” – Silvia Federci I learned the above quote as I’m volunteering for the Our Feminist Future(s) hackathon.… Continue reading 1st semester as a grad student is done!

Estradiol Redemption!

I passed my mock assay today 😀 It went better compared to last week’s mock assay. I think rewriting all the steps in the checklist in my own words really helped me understand the protocol better! To be fair, I was supposed to rewrite all the steps before the first mock assay. More specifically, on… Continue reading Estradiol Redemption!

Estradiol Oopsies

Aww man. Yesterday, I performed my mock assay and I messed up my estradiol saliva assay. Here’s a list of all the things I did wrong 😭😅 Had too many air bubbles in my pipette I pipetted a saliva sample into a well that was supposed to be empty I didn’t fill up my estradiol… Continue reading Estradiol Oopsies

VR Devices/Interfaces with Dr. James Gehringer

I feel like “devices” doesn’t sound right. Because ultimately, we’re interfacing the software side (the VR application) with the user (in real life physical space). Anywayyyyy Last week, I had the pleasure of talking to Dr. James Gehringer from the University of Nebraska Medical Center. We talked about the VR applications that he does in… Continue reading VR Devices/Interfaces with Dr. James Gehringer

Usabilathon – Empathizing with user and other lessons learned

My first Usabilathon has come to end! It started last Friday (March 5) and lasted an entire week. My team and I used Axure RP 9 to create our prototype. I really like Axure, it was easy and fun to use. I also liked how collaborating Axure was similar to Git. Instead of pushing and… Continue reading Usabilathon – Empathizing with user and other lessons learned