Nautical Notes

I served as the director of Nautical Notes, a 3D rhythm game. This was a part of San Diego State University’s VR Club.

Originally, we planned on making a VR rhythm game but COVID-19 disrupted a lot things, so we scaled back to making a 3D rhythm game instead. The majority of the members working on the game were beginners and I’m super proud of how far we’ve come!

My duties as director include:

  • Managed a team of 8 programmers and audio specialist
  • Implemented the main menu and UI
  • Programmed a sound manager script and incorporated all the audio into the game
  • Guided teammates who were unfamiliar with Unity and C#

Important lesson that I learned:

Build your game at various points of development. In other words, don’t be like us and only build your game at the very end!

Because we didn’t do any test builds, we ran into a lot of optimization problems in the end. Fortunately, we fixed some things by lowering the resolution and deleting unused assets. Some devices may experience noticeable lag, but for the most part, it’s playable.

In-game screenshot of Nautical Notes

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