Pixy2 Camera *CAN* Detect Marker Bands Consistently

Last Friday, Theresa and I tested all kinds of setups to get the Pixy2 Camera to detect the marker bands consistently.

And I am happy to announce: WE HAVE DONE IT!

Here’s a video of it working:

And here’s some pictures of the setup (with the lights on):

As you can tell, I have a hard time holding a ruler straight. But this gives us an idea of the measurements we need to put in place to keep the setup consistent.

So, we a magnifying lamp that acts as the light source. In an attempt to keep consistent lighting for the Pixy2 camera, the room lights were turned off (as you can see in the video).

The Pixy2 Camera is mounted on a 3D printed telescoping stand.

Can’t wait to bust out some C++ to interface Pixy2 with the servo motors!

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