VR Devices/Interfaces with Dr. James Gehringer

I feel like “devices” doesn’t sound right. Because ultimately, we’re interfacing the software side (the VR application) with the user (in real life physical space).


Last week, I had the pleasure of talking to Dr. James Gehringer from the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

We talked about the VR applications that he does in his Virtual Reality Laboratory, and he also does some cool stuff with hardware (ex. 3d printing parts, using microcontrollers and actuators, and using the Infinadeck).

I think his most interesting VR application was the barbershop simulation. There was plenty of audio and visual feedback but – and this is something that is lacking in VR in general – not enough sensory attention/haptics (ex. there’s no feeling of someone messing with your hair, touching the back your neck, and the scent of hair products).

Another thing to note is that there aren’t many lower body controllers (perhaps this is a potential idea for my dissertation?!)

And he was so kind to send me a list of VR-related devices that are out (I’ve been kind of out of the loop with this stuff):


VR Treadmills: https://techhunterds.com/best-omnidirectional-virtual-reality-treadmills/

Creative locomotion options:

VR Shoes:



Exoskeletons: https://newatlas.com/vr/holotron-virtual-rreality-haptic-exoskeleton/

Balance Board: https://newatlas.com/vr/3drudder-controller-playstation-vr/

Sitting Optical Sensor Option: https://www.cybershoes.com/us/








There’s so much cool stuff going on!

All in all, our conversation gave me lots to think about! Especially in regards to my research proposal… I’ll write about that later ~

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