NSF GRFP 2021 Honorable Mention!!

I didn’t win the NSF GRFP, but I got an Honorable Mention! I’m super duper proud that I made it so close!!! πŸ₯³

I’ll have to try again next time 😊

The reviews were fair and understandable, and I appreciate the feedback. I also found it reassuring that all the reviews agreed that I’m qualified to do research.

Not gonna lie, sometimes I feel like I don’t belong in grad school or the field of research (curse you, Imposter Syndrome!). But I’ve gotten better about it, and I’ve become more self-confident!

Despite my busy schedule and the fact that I only had about 3 weeks to submit the NSF GRFP 2021 application: I did my best and it paid off!

At the time of my application, my current institution was San Diego State University. But now I’m at Iowa State University 😊

Next steps

  1. Research and read into the existing literature to see what’s already been done in haptics/haptic technology
  2. Think about the impact of my research (ex. who would use my haptic interface? why do should I bother making this haptic interface?)
  3. Start developing a timeline to begin the NSF GRFP 2022 application
  4. Tell friends, family, and colleagues about the good news!
  5. Thank the people who helped me with the application! πŸ™

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