Learning more about VR headsets

This post summarizes my learning experience with VR headsets as of July 20, 2020.

I’ve been out of the loop with VR development and headsets. On July 8 2020, I watched this video on the HP Reverb G2:

Prior to July 8, I have never heard of this headset or of this man’s YouTube channel. But I’m glad I came across this!

Made me realize that there’s a lot of hardware and other concepts that go into a VR headset. Here are my key takeaways:

1. Inside-Out vs. Outside-In tracking

I knew that the difference between say, an Oculus Quest and an HTC Vive, was that one has external cameras/sensor while the other one doesn’t.

After reading this article, I have expanded my VR vocabulary! So for example, an Oculus Quest uses Inside-Out tracking while an HTC Vive uses Outside-In tracking!

2. “IPD stands for interpupillary distance”

Hooray for learning new words! This heading is a direct quote from this website.

3. Comparing VR headsets

I’m not sure how up to date this Wiki page is, but I like how it gives a technical overview on various headsets.

4. OLED vs LCD

I’m still trying to understand the advantages and disadvantages between the different displays for a VR headset.

In one article I read, Valve and Microsoft seem to favor LCD. But with that said, this article is from 2017 and I don’t know if LCD will continue to be the favored display.

I’ll have to refer back to point #3 on this list to learn more about the different displays among the various headsets!


I have a lot more to learn about VR hardware. This is fascinating stuff!

Other links that I found interesting:

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