Finite State Machine for the Marker Band Sorter

The title pretty much describes this post haha. Special shout out to my loving boyfriend, Tony Nguyen, for helping me with this Arduino code! It still needs some refinement though, but this is what I’ll be testing with me team this week. Previously… So previously, I was trying to use 2 Arduino Unos. One to… Continue reading Finite State Machine for the Marker Band Sorter

C++ Lesson Learned – Scope

What great timing! I wanted to learn more about OOP (object oriented programming) concepts, and my senior design project just did that! TL;DR = Tried to access the color signature variable (m_signature) so I could interface the Pixy2 camera with the Arduino. Manage to figure it out by understanding local and global scope, pointers, and… Continue reading C++ Lesson Learned – Scope