Roselynn Conrady

I love making stuff for people and with people!

Contact and About Me

Rose like the flower

lynn like the… pronunciation of “shin.”

My name is Roselynn Conrady! Nice to virtually meet you. Welcome to my professional and personal blog! This is site is where I’ll document and show-off my work, alongside reflecting on what I’ve learned.

I love designing and creating things for people. I’m always working on a project (or multiple projects) to further my skills, but to also make something meaningful and unique.

Whether it’s working with a $50,000+ machine vision camera, sorting marbles for NASA, fabricating virtual reality crystal structures, or stressing people out through VR: I’m fully committed to whatever I am a part of.

I’m currently a 4th year Mechanical Engineering student at San Diego State University. I will be graduating with my Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering on December 2020.

Afterwards, I plan on pursuing a PhD in Human Computer Interaction at Iowa State University in 2021. My ultimate goal is to work in the realm of Spatial Computing and Extended Reality (XR).

Email is the best way to get in touch with me: conrady.roselynn[at]

Feel free to check out my LinkedIn, GitHub, and Devpost as well! I’m pretty new to Twitter, but feel free to reach out on there too!

Hanging out next to some flowers during my REU experience at Iowa State University in the Summer 2019
Photo Credits: Paul Easker
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