Estradiol Redemption!

I passed my mock assay today 😀

It went better compared to last week’s mock assay. I think rewriting all the steps in the checklist in my own words really helped me understand the protocol better!

To be fair, I was supposed to rewrite all the steps before the first mock assay.

More specifically, on the Asana board we use (see below)….

I was supposed to click on my task so that another window pops up, with details about my task. For example, clicking on “Mock assay with supervisor” will show the following (see below)

And it was a complete my bad on not reading into the details. I will make sure to be more thorough next time.

But let me revel in today’s victory!

The mock assay went so well that my R^2 turned out perfect (it was equal to 1).

The next step is to do the supervised assay, and that’s something I’ll do when I come back to Ames before the Fall semester ehehehe

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