Made it through winter(?) πŸ‘€

I hope I’m not jinxing anything hehe. I’ve been told that sometimes, it will seem like winter is ending but then it starts snowing again in March or April.

But the weather has been warming up in Ames, IA. BYE BYE WINTER!

Never in my life have I been excited for weather below 65 degrees Fahrenheit

Don’t get me wrong, the snow and cold temperatures was fun (at first). Buuut, after about a month, I think I understand why a lot of people can’t wait for spring haha.

I definitely won’t miss slipping on ice!

2 weeks ago, this place was covered in snow and ice. It boggles my mind how fast the weather changes things.

February 2021 Recap

I’ve been a busy bee for all of February 🐝 Some things that I have been working on include:

  • Undergoing training to become a lab technician
    • I’m almost done with the online trainings, just gotta finish CITI Training!
  • Preparing to present what makes a good/bad design for research articles
  • Researching if we can increase resilience
  • Extracting data for a meta-analysis
  • Trying to learn OpenCV using C++
    • This is something that I’m struggling with, and I will get better at it

Grad school has definitely shown me what my professional and academic strengths and weaknesses are (I’ll talk about them some more in another post).

*Bonus* LinkedIn Shenanigans

My boyfriend and I spent an evening playing around with LinkedIn’s suggested messages. I love this little goofball haha πŸ’ I miss Tony, my parents, friends, and family back in San Diego. Can’t wait to see them again soon.

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