Late grad pics, and surviving my first week as a PhD student

I don’t want to let January end without a single post, so here it is! I’m officially all done with my undergrad education hehe.

As of December 31, 2021, I have graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at San Diego State University.

And below are a few grad photos (thanks Katrina Nguyen and Tony Nguyen ❤️)

SDSU didn’t have a Fall commencement, so I missed out on that (for now). Hopefully the coronavirus situation gets better by spring, and then I can experience the graduation ceremony!

PhD Life at Iowa State University so far

I was asleep for most of the plane ride to Iowa. When the captain said we were beginning to descend into Des Moines, I finally opened the window. Then I whispered to myself, “Oh my gosh… it’s so white outside” :O

Having lived in San Diego all my life, this really shocked me haha. And unsurprisingly, it’s really cold in Ames, IA 😂😅 This is my first time living in the snow, and it’s been an interesting experience. For example, I didn’t realize how slippery the sidewalk could be lol

Even though it’s only been a week, I’m having a great time so far. Grad school is busy, but it’s a different kind of “busy” compared to undergrad. There’s definitely an emphasis on your research (and so many deadlines to keep track of! 😱) as opposed to classes.

I like the independence that comes with studying a graduate degree, but it also comes with more responsibility and efficient time management.

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