Apparently, my screams were loud ðŸ˜…

Last Saturday, I bought myself some Turtle Beach gaming headphones.

I’ve recently gotten into Overwatch and Valorant, and sound is a very important aspect in these games.

To test out my new headphones, I booted up Counter Strike: Global Offensive and began a match against bots.


High Quality Confused screaming intensifies Blank Meme Template
I couldn’t believe how real the game sounded

It sounded like they were right next me!!! And I could even hear them move away from me!!! THE SOUND WAS SO CLEAR TOO.

According to my boyfriend (who was helping me test and adjust my headphones), I screamed really loud once the game started haha.

Now I don’t have an excuse to say, “I didn’t hear” during comms and when I play these games x)

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